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Ferguson and Theology

A Special Symposium

We are in the midst of harsh and brutal times. In such times theology can appear most distant, most irrelevant, most tone-deaf to the kinds of material challenges that human persons face in the struggle for their voices to be heard, for their bodies to be recognized, and for their deaths to be properly grieved. In the coming week, Syndicate Theology will feature five significant essays by leading and emergent ethicists and theologians, exploring what it might mean for Christian theology—and the Christian church—to respond justly to the death of Michael Brown and the on-going protest and resistance efforts in Ferguson, Missouri. Diverse perspectives and experiences are voiced here, and there are indeed important differences that will surface between our panelists. What does unite these voices is the plea for a radical, interventionary theopolitics: the initiation of a political project, aimed at dismantling a white supremacist world order by, as Slavoj Zizek suggests, “intervening from the standpoint of its repressed truth,” in such a way that changes the coordinates of possibility.

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Brian Bantum

Monday • August 25

Leonard McKinnis

Tuesday • August 26

Jeanine Viau

Wednesday • August 27

Nyle Fort

Thursday • August 28

Keri Day

Friday • August 29


Late to Love: A Review

By Jimi Calhoun

Bridge to Wonder

Brendan Sammon
Matthew Milliner
Artur Sebastian Rosman
Anne Michelle Carpenter


In collaboration with Cascade Books we are please to offer the first issue of the Syndicate print edition.

The May/June Issue Contains Symposia on:

Ephraim Radner, A Brutal Unity
Geoffrey Rees, The Romance of Innocent Sexuality
Paul Martens, The Heterdox Yoder 
Theodore Jennings Jr., Outlaw Justice

And Contributions from:

Anthony Siegrist • Arne Rasmusson • Daniel Oudshoorn • Dru Johnson • Gordon Zerbe • James Wetzel • Linn Tonstad • Margaret Miles • Travis Kroeker • Paul Doerksen • Paul Hinlicky • Peter Ochs • Raymond Pickett • Timothy Furry • William Cavanaugh

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